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Electric Sign Services

Grand Electric Sign Co

Grand Electric is able to better serve you and all your signage needs with our in-house capabilities and our state of the art facility. Our facility has the latest in computerized design and fabrication equipment. We provide installation and maintenance services that are efficient and cost-effective for our clients. Our teams of professionals are committed to delivering quality and service.

The Benefits of Working with Grand Electric Sign Are:

  • Largest service and installation fleet
  • Fleet of bucket trucks
  • Fleet of cranes
  • Cranes with longer reach and special equipment available
  • Dump trucks, trailers, lifts
  • Extensive experience in high rise installation

Design & Engineering

Our marketing design department provides our clients with creative artwork concepts. Our staff will effectively portray your desired business image. The design center is staffed with highly creative and talented artists that use their ability to create a dynamic sign.


We are a facility with highly sophisticated fabrication stations. We have the ability to produce Sign and Awning products of every size, proportion and material. Our signs are designed and constructed using the finest materials that ensure functionality and durability for many years to come. We dedicate our skills, knowledge, and technologies to providing you with the industry’s finest advertising and identification.

Permit Secural

For every project permit secural is always important. At Grand Electric we make sure to meet city and state law and ordinances for every project that we do. We have worked with over 50 cities in the Chicagoland area in securing permits and authorization for every project. 


At Grand Electric, we realize that one of the most important steps in the sign creation process is installing your sign properly and to your approval. We take all the necessary steps to insure that your installation is done to local ordinances and will secure any permits required to complete the project. Our certified and trained staff will ensure that your installation is done correctly and efficiently.

Maintenance & Service

Our experienced project management team works closely with clients throughout the entire process of the sign creation and manages it to the end.

Installing Signs & Field Services

Although it’s the last step in the process, the sign installation itself is highly important to us.

Our capabilities include:

  • Illuminated sign installation
  • Sign removal
  • Sign repairs
  • Electrical modification

In addition to technical experience and skill, our field professionals provide

  • Contract administration
  • Completion photographs
  • Close-out documentation
  • Administration of waivers and liens
  • Coordination of onsite sign-offs

 We use the best equipment available for safely and effectively installing your signs.

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